Michelle Morgan

There are many ways to try and break the stigma surrounding mental health and start a conversation around it – pyjamas designed by artists may not be an obvious one but that’s exactly what Michelle Morgan has done. Her own story is a familiar one in the business world: after founding a hugely successful creative agency Livity, she eventually became burnt out and depressed after 16 years at the top. After stepping back for a bit she came up with the idea for PJOYS, getting her artist husband and friends to create designs for pyjamas to launch the brand. She focused on the idea of pyjamas and taking a ‘pyjama day’, which while for some is a calm and relaxing moment, while for others it signifies a difficult day. According to Morgan: “Pjoys uses this symbolism and the joy of art as a way to start a conversation about self-care and make mental health a more accepted topic.” The supply chain for the pyjamas is packed with purpose too; made with sustainable organic cotton, digitally printed and designed locally in London. Since launching the brand, Michelle has had contact with hundreds of people who say they’ve been encouraged to talk about their mental health and she even took to the stage (in pyjamas) at Cannes Lion festival in 2017 to discuss the subject.