Louisa Robertson-Macleod

Plenty of zero-waste shops have popped up in the capital but they’re not ubiquitous enough to make packaging-free shopping an easy and convenient choice. That’s where Louisa Robertson-Macleod comes in. She founded DAUN, a refill delivery service where you shop online for the goods you want and she delivers them to your door, traversing the city via e-cargo bike, so you can still get waste-free groceries without the need to lug containers aorund or when you don’t live near a refill store. When you’re done, she collects the drawstring bags used to transport the products and reuses them for future deliveries, closing the packaging loop. Robertson-Macleod also priorities locally-sourced and British-grown goods but for anything that doesn’t come from within the UK, she works with zero-emission transport, like sail cargo ships, to import them.