Jana Dowling

The 888 Collective is a social enterprise that supports people with mental health issues on their journey back into the workplace through a range of courses and events, and was set up by founder Jana Dowling after her own experiences with mental health issues and work. After being helped back into work by a patient and supportive friend, Jana realised that not everyone in her position would be so lucky and so started The 888 Collective to try to help more people get back to work, as well as to educate the wider public about mental health. Jana now runs self-development and mental health management courses for those with mental health issues looking to get into the work environment, and also for those who are in work looking to better manage their mental health. For those who are looking to get back to work, they get to experience what it’s like to be in the workplace while on the courses, which really helps alleviate anxiety and concerns about what to expect when they get back to work. Jana also runs 88L8’s, events where she takes over a bakery in Dalston and gives shifts to those who have been on the course.