Jacqui Braganza

We’re all aware of the huge amounts of old clothes ending up in landfills but it’s less common to hear about the waste generated from pre-consumer textiles. These are all the offcuts created during the production process that don’t make it into finished pieces, and up to 15% of textiles intended for garments end up on the cutting room floor. That adds up to hundreds of thousands of tonnes of wasted fabric. With Cutting Floor Cushions, founder Jacqui Braganza has created a way to save some of this waste from going in the bin by transforming pre-consumer textile offcuts (which have been turned back into fibres) into eco-friendly cushion inners. Not only do these inners give the old textiles a new lease of life, they take less energy and water to produce an inner made with brand new materials. And Cutting Floor Cushions doesn’t stop at inners, it produces entire eco-conscious cushions with limited-edition covers made from roll-ends and deadstock fabric.