Fitness classes are back and so are our favourite trainers! We caught up with the new kid on the block at The Foundry, Rory McCall, to hear more about his sunrise cycles, playing Pop Smoke on repeat and his new favourite spots in East London…

Tell us about your morning routine.

My schedule changes day to day, but when I’m coaching classes or doing PT at The Foundry I’ll wake up an hour and a half before I have to leave (usually around 4am). This gives me enough time to make a good breakfast, have a coffee and get ready without feeling rushed. I’ll then grab my bike and cycle from West London to the Old Street studio in East London. I love this cycle along the river early in the morning as I get to see the best sunrises and it leaves me feeling awake and refreshed when I arrive to the gym for the first session. Then I’ll coach all my classes for a few hours and train myself, that’s the morning done and I’m ready to see what else the day has in store for me! 

Photo by Barney Oates | IG @barneyoates
Photo by Barney Oates | IG @barneyoates

What is your go-to work out? 

Since the lockdown in November I really got into running, which has been my primary focus for the past few months. Depending on the day I may do a fast interval session, a tempo session, an easy short run or a long run (usually 15/20km+). Whilst I focus primarily on running, I still love the strength & conditioning/functional fitness side of things and include it into my weekly training routine. These sessions usually include some compound strength exercises followed by a conditioning finisher. Other than that, I love to cycle and I’m always up for getting involved in different classes too.  

What are the essentials in your gym bag? 

I’m quite minimal with what I carry around with me and there’s nothing too crazy in there! I’ll always have my headphones, water bottle, phone charger, clean pair of boxers/socks, a clean tee, toiletry bag and of course, a face mask. 

Who or what has given you motivation throughout the past year? 

As I’m sure everyone can relate to, I’ve had lots of times when I’ve felt very unmotivated throughout the last year. What’s kept me going is prioritising the things I enjoy and surrounding myself with people and environments that add value and positivity to my life. Last year I became an ambassador for Pure Sport CBD and through their events I’ve met a community of like-minded and driven people who inspire and motivate me to do more. Being part of this brand has helped me a lot over the past year and has definitely been one of my highlights!

Photo by Barney Oates | IG @barneyoates
Photo by Barney Oates | IG @barneyoates

What song or album gets you through a killer workout? 

Anything by Pop Smoke will get me through the toughest of workouts. There’s so many though, but I’m mainly into my Hip Hop and Rap especially when training. 

What’s the best thing a client has said to you? 

Rather than one specific thing someone has said, I just love when clients and members have enjoyed my session and leave with a big smile on their face and are excited to come back!

What makes London home? 

I was born and raised in South London, so I’ve always lived here. It’s been a lot of fun growing up in London and I’m constantly gaining new experiences, especially now that I’ve moved to my own flat which is more central. Even though I’ve travelled to a lot of different cities, London is one of my favourites and I still feel like a tourist sometimes as there’s so much to explore! 

Photo by Barney Oates | IG @barneyoates
Photo by Barney Oates | IG @barneyoates

What’s on your London to-do list now that restrictions are starting to ease? 

I moved to my new place in Chelsea just before December’s lockdown, so I’m excited to experience what it’s like in ‘real life’ and try a few of the bars and restaurants that I’ve had my eye on. I also love to explore other areas and recently took a trip over to Hackney Wick, I went to Crate Brewery which had a really cool vibe, so I’ll definitely be going back there. I’ve also loved going to more fitness events recently and want to continue doing so as restrictions ease. It’s just been great to meet new people and create new connections again, as I really missed that over the past few months. 

Any final words/ fitness advice for us to live by? 

Find what you enjoy and what makes you happy and just do more of that. It’s likely that good things will happen as a result.  

You can find Rory on Instagram @rorymccall_ and on the schedule at The Foundry gym.
Feature image taken by Barney Oates | IG @barneyoates