Ever wondered what gives your personal trainer that extra spring in their step at the crack of dawn? Or what song keeps them going through those final few reps? Well we caught up with Matteo Massaini (online PT and trainer at Rowbots & Blok London) to get the juicy deets…

Tell us about your morning routine.

As you can imagine, my morning routine has changed in the last year, so creating a new one to adapt to current times was essential. Once I wake up, I do some stretches to get my body ready for the day ahead, then I’ll shower and have a black coffee. I teach classes or 1-2-1 sessions for most of the morning, grabbing a herbal tea when I can. Once I’m finished with clients, I’ll do my own workout, then shower, meditate for 30 minutes and finally break my fast at 12 o’clock.

What is your go to home workout?

I’m lucky enough to have some equipment at home, so I usually follow my own strength programme from my website, which I change every 12 weeks. However because I don’t have many heavy weights, I’m focusing on hypertrophy and volume, which involves more repetitions than weight. I also work with tempo, incorporating some very slow movements to compensate for not having a barbell and a range of weights. I mix this up with HIIT and bodyweight sessions for some cardiovascular work and make sure to schedule in rest days, because recovery is key!

What are the essentials in your gym bag?

I am literally Mary Poppins, I have a huge backpack and you can find EVERYTHING in it! I have two changes of clothes, a raincoat, bike lights, shoes, make up, a wig! A bag full of bands and TRX. I have even been carrying a 12 kg kettlebell and two 10 kg dumbells too LOL. 

What song or album gets you through a killer workout?
Ufff good question, if you know me well enough you would know that I like very different styles of music. It all depends on the day or the workout – it could be Bicep or Fatboy Slim or the Spice Girls!

Who or what has kept you motivated during lockdown?
As a professional in this industry, it’s maybe been a bit easier to keep motivated but I’ve had my moments of intense demotivation too. My legendary PT and group clients have kept me going. Also…summer is coming, and I want to look good! At the end of the day, we are surviving a pandemic so the most important thing is not to be too hard on ourselves. 

What’s the best thing a client has said to you?
They usually make faces more than saying anything! Jokes aside, someone once said that my 1-2-1 PT sessions are “an eye opening experience physically and mentally”. I’m not entirely sure that was a compliment! Maybe check out the reviews on my website…

What makes London home?
In the last ten years, I have lived in five countries and three different continents, but London has such a different vibe. What really makes it home is the cultural diversity, the acceptance towards others and the amazing opportunities to build a great social and professional network.

Where is the first place you want to go in London when lockdown lifts?
I mean, the dream is DANCING at Printworks, or at a festival like Glitterbox. But I will also be happy with a roast at the Albion or a Piccante at Shoreditch House!

And for the finisher…?
Remember, if you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

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