When she’s not working on her triple jump, you can find London’s favourite Norwegian PT, coach and athlete Maiken Brustad, mixing it up with weights sessions in the gym. She’ll give you a killer workout and promises to ‘blast your ears off’ with banging house music playlists while you sweat. Can’t argue with that. 

Tell us about your morning routine.

I get to work at 7am so I always make sure I’m awake by 6am to give me plenty of time to start my morning well. I like to enjoy a cup of coffee whilst doing my skincare routine and makeup. I also listen to Norwegian podcasts because they bring me a little closer to my second home and give me the right energy I need to kick off my day. 

What is your go-to workout?

I’m currently switching it up between more cardio-focused track and field sessions and strength-focused weights sessions in the gym – I can’t decide which I like more. There is something truly special about feeling stronger in the gym while listening to some bangers, but I also love the feeling of being on the track for hours on end!

What are the essentials in your gym bag?

My gym bag is actually quite messy! But you will always find my lifting gloves and my elastic band in there. I am not the most organized person you’ll meet, but being a personal trainer and instructor has forced me to pack everything in the morning so I can be on the go for a whole day. I always forget something though! 

Who or what has given you motivation throughout the past year?

I started up with track and field again at the end of 2020 and being a former 800-1500m runner it has given me some real motivation working on my triple jump performance. I am training with some amazing athletes and my coach John has helped me so much in my training. It has been an inspiring journey and I can’t wait to compete more regularly after summer! 

What song or album gets you through a killer workout?

I am a progressive house girl all the way!!  And I love to blast my own ears off with my own list called: Maiken’s bangerz. Nova with Yotto will always be one of my favorite tracks.

What are your current fitness goals?

My training is very performance-based at the moment. I am working towards becoming the best triple jumper I can be, but there is still a lot of hard work that needs to be done!

What makes London home?

London to me is a truly special place. I found myself in this city and I worked my way through the fitness industry with lots of ups, downs and challenges along the way. I love how free I feel in London and how many incredible opportunities there are here!

What’s on your London to-do list that now restrictions are starting to ease?

I am a massive football fan so I would like to visit even more of the football stadiums. I can’t wait to go to a London-based festival either!

Any final words/ fitness advice for us to live by?

Remember to take rest days! There is no point in training hard if you don’t let your body recover. Be kind to yourself and don’t do it if you don’t enjoy it.

You can find Maiken at Third Space and Blok and @ptmaiken on Instagram