There are three things we really like about this place… the food, the decor and the name. Anything named Wolf would have to be damn cool wouldn’t it? Apart from the bloke from Gladiators of course. Strong name aside this place has restaurant and home decor goals written all over it. Their Danish, 60s style will have you ooing at their tiles, photographing their planting and asking if you can borrow their table top. Even their website is super slick with a giant Cavolo Nero donning their welcome screen.

The seasonal Italian restaurant on Stoke Newington High Street is well into the swing of their autumn menu, so much so we’ve been twice. Yes, pasta cravings are all the rage in this weather. As traditional Italian eateries go the menu is broken up by Antipasti, Secondi, Pasta and Dessert.

One of our faves is their cuttlefish, braised with nduja, chickpeas, squid ink with lemon and chilli and is seriously, how you say, flipping awesome (or whatever the Italian equivalent is). Violina pumpkin arancini with sage, chilli and parmesan are just silly, so addictive and make sharing a little awkward. Without going through the whole bloody menu the purple sprouting broccoli with grilled salsa rustica is also a winner and needs a mention.

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From their pasta options, you can not fault the Pappardelle, that’s 6 hour beef shin and a Porcini ragu. It is one super tasty dish that is perfect for the Autumn weather. From their mains, the Onglet steak, got to be cooked rare, with grilled with wild mushrooms, cavolo nero, Roscoff onion and parmesan is a beauty, a generous portion too. The secret here is to order a side of truffle potatoes with parmesan, rosemary and of course truffle oil. Mama Mia.

For dessert, their pannacotta is super good, but their Tiramisu should be awarded a knighthood, with all the soft gooey sponge, mascarpone cheese, and drenched in sweetness.

Yes, we are a fan of the Wolf.

Wolf | 110 Stoke Newington High St, N16 7NY