Japanese restaurant Tokii is part of the Prince Akatoki, a newly opened five-star hotel which was formerly the Arch London. Like the food the decor is typically Japanese, aka minimal, with a sushi counter for those who want a front row seat of the action. 

Sushi is the big focus here with eleven types of fish served three ways. We kicked off with the super fresh tuna akami handroll and the buttery salmon belly nigiri. From the hot and cold dishes our favourites were the light and crispy mixed vegetable tempura and the kinoko mushroom salad with crispy yuba. If you’re a fan of teriyaki then the Tokii teriyaki skewers are a must order. We also shared the robata grilled aubergine, which was topped with chilli, spring onion and ginger miso, and the truffle fries which are a match made in heaven with Tokii’s wasabi mayo.

Given its location and menu, Tokii fits right in in the high-end Marylebone neighbourhood. It’s a great place for a business meeting because it’s a big space and we’re not sure it’ll ever be packed to the rafters – so go enjoy the quiet, have a proper conversation and pop it on the company card ????.

50 Great Cumberland Place, London, W1H 7FD