You may have heard about Pick ’n’ Cheese, the new cheese conveyor belt restaurant from Mathew Carver, the brains behind The Cheese Bar at Camden Market – it’s been filling up Instagram feeds non-stop since opening last week.

If you’ve ever been to Yo Sushi, you’ll know the drill. There’s high stools set up around a conveyor belt where small plates of cheese instead of sushi come whizzing round. The plates are colour coded with different prices and there’s a menu detailing what each of the 25 cheeses on offer are – you can either grab anything you like the look of or keep an eye out for the ones you want to come round. Having made a good stab at eating as many as possible, here’s some of our favourites. 

Quicke’s Cheddar with Tomato Relish – you can’t beat a good cheddar sometimes and Quicke’s hands down make the best cheddar you can buy. A great starting plate and one of the cheaper ones too. 

Rachel – a washed rind goat cheese, Rachel is one of our favourite cheeses so we never pass up the chance to eat it. You’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for this one on the belt. 

Fellstone – this was a new one on us and probably the highlight of the cheese selection. Similar to a Wensleydale, here it’s served with sour cherries which is a very nice pairing. 

Beenleigh Blue – a good blue cheese is an essential part of any cheese board and Beenleigh Blue is an excellent choice. Not too strong but very far from bland, it’s a solid middle ground and a nice one to end on with a glass of red.  

On that note, the wine selection is excellent, and very reasonably priced. Special mention goes to the Sicilian orange wine, Baglio Bianco, and the Blaufränkisch.

cheese conveyor belt – pick n cheese

There’s also some nice salamis and hams going round on the belt, plus a couple of hot ‘off the belt’ selections. We’d definiltey recommend the four cheese toastie and the pan fried ‘Angloumi’ (that’s British halloumi) with honey and oregano.

In fact we’d like to have seen a few more bigger dishes here as there are at The Cheese Bar in Camden – if we had one criticism of the place, fun as it is, it’s that it would be hard to have a full dinner here. For a light lunch or a warm up or wind down to a night out it’s a great experience, and one that we’re sure will be packed for a good while to come. 

Thomas Neal’s Warehouse, London WC2H 9QW