loti eats | the good egg

The Good Egg is undoubtedly one of our favourite spots in Stoke Newington – trouble is everyone else thinks so too so you’ll often find yourselves in a queue. Great news then, that they’ve now opened up a second branch in Kingly Court and it’s much bigger so it should be easier to snag a table.

It’s not just bigger though; there’s also lots of new dishes on the menu and some great cocktails too – our Plum Negroni was a winner and whilst the Turkish Delight is defo an acquired taste, if you’re a fan of the sweet Turkish goodies then this will be right up your street. In the kitchen there’s a smoker where the team will be making their own pastrami and cured salmon and from the in-house bakery, there’ll be those insta-famous freshly made challahs, cakes, bagels and flatbreads on offer.

The flatbreads were actually one of our favourite things when we ate there; fresh and warm out the oven with an incredible array of dips including marinated aubergine and green whipped feta. Shawarmas were winners too, both a veggie aubergine version and a knockout beef short rib, which went very well with a side of baharat-roasted root vegetables. Then there’s the ZFC, The Good Egg’s take on fried chicken and not to be missed. For dessert, take our advice and get the PBJ ice cream cake.

the good egg soho

With new dishes and a bigger swish space, looks like this is all set to be one good egg!

Kingly Court, Kingly St, London W1B 5PW