Sushi on Jones started life in Bowery Market in NYC in 2016 (with two more branches in the city to its name) and it’s now come across the pond to London, taking up a spot in the Goods Way development in King’s Cross, which is also home to Breddos, Le Bab, Sweetwater, Temple of Seitan and the Lafayette music venue.

The premise of Sushi on Jones is simple; it’s a nigiri omakase experience featuring 12 pieces of sushi chosen by the chef, served over 45 minutes, so it’s very much an in-and-out job rather than somewhere for a long, languid dinner. The menu changes depending on what’s in season and what head chef Mattia has selected – he also used dry-aged and pickled fish as well as fresh – and if you’re sat at the counter, you can watch everything being expertly prepped and get an explanation of what each piece of sushi is (and they can also recommend sake and tea pairings to match the food).

Each of the twelve pieces we ate were genuinely fantastic but the highlights for us were yellowtail with Italian truffle, scallop with charcoal powder, aged fatty tuna from Spain topped with pickled daikon, Scottish salmon with fresh grated cucumber, buttery A5 wagyu blowtorched with rendered wagyu fat and smoked salt, and barbecue eel with a homemade sweet soy glaze and caramel reduction to make it a bit sweeter than a bog-standard teriyaki sauce.

It’s £48 for the omakase, and you have the option to order some extras after the main menu has been served. We can’t say you feel full like you would after a regular dinner following the twelve pieces, but the quality of the sushi is outstanding so it’s something sushi fans should have on their radar.

11 Goods Way, London N1C 4PW