The long awaited debut restaurant of Sri Lankan cookbook author Cynthia Shanmugalingam has opened in Borough Market – and it’s already proving a big hit. The site features a big open kitchen with a very impressive grill so be sure to grab a seat at the counter top and watch the show.

The menu is all killer, no filler with a couple of snacks, selection of short eats, meat, fish and veg and just one dessert, a mango soft serve sorbet – which you’ll be lucky to squeeze in after working your way through the rest.

The restaurant only opened in April 2023 but it’s already getting rave reviews and rightly so. Highlights for us included the chunky mutton rolls filled with curried lamb; a very delicious red pineapple curry (surprisingly good and what might be one of the best veggie dishes on offer in London right now); tempered potatoes; and a black pork dry curry with some fresh roti. Don’t miss the snacks either, especially when washed down with banana negronis or calamansi iced tea.

The saying goes if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen but this is one kitchen we’ll happily over (h)eat in. Rambutan is an excellent addition to London’s Sri Lankan restaurant scene and definitely one of the best places to eat in Borough Market right now.

10 Stoney Street, London, SE1 9AD