loti eats | pomona’s

Anything California-inspired has us hooked and Pomona’s, which opened in late 2016 and brings a dose of The Golden State to Notting Hill, fits the bill. What we love about this place is how colourful it is, and let’s face it, we need a bit of colour in grey old London. From the jungle of potted plants by the entrance to their slick and vibrant multicoloured furniture, it’s the kind of place that just makes you feel good…and that’s before you even get to the menu.

We were there for a weekend brunch and the menu caters for those looking to keep it nice and clean with lots of pressed and blended juices, coconut yoghurt, chia seeds, granola, acai bowls, buckwheat pancakes and spinach, which is all very lovely and healthy. But there’s a devil in us all and once you’ve clocked the buttermilk waffle with a Ginger Pig bacon slab and whiskey maple syrup on the specials menu there is no going back. Everything tastes better with bacon and this warm, sticky and filling dish was every bit as sweet as we hoped. The sweet potato toast with avocado, coconut labneh, lime and cilantro gremolata was the opposite to the naughty delights of the waffle and made for a great health-conscious alternative. Super tasty and Insta perfect, it’s sunshine on a plate.

[URIS id=83188]

Even though all that will take care of your appetite, don’t miss the apple pie tacos – yes apple pie TACOS – for dessert. We don’t care how full you might be, get that ordered. There’s still much of Pomona’s we need to explore as their dinner time offering looks just as appealing, and it does feel like being on holiday in there, so we’ll gladly go back.

47 Hereford Road, London, W2 5AH