loti eats | pied a terre

Pied a Terre is a great restaurant with great food but first of all we need to talk about the wine. In the hands of the Head Sommelier Oliver we had without doubt the best wine experience of any dinner ever. We chose the tasting menu with matching wines but instead of having each wine poured and explained before each dish, we actually drank each one ‘blind’ and only after finishing both the dish and the wine did Oliver come back to tell us what the wine was. We had some truly interesting ones, from Japan to Hungary and everything in between.

Plus, if you’re into having a bit more fun with it you can even try your hand at guessing what each wine is…. we were sort of close on a couple. It genuinely did change the whole taste and experience, meaning that you paid more attention to each glass and how it blended with the food; we can absolutely recommend Pied a Terre on this alone. Luckily, the food is also fantastic. Even though Pied a Terre has been around a long time (26 years to be precise) it’s always kept things fresh by having a series of talented young Head Chefs in the kitchen, the latest of which is Asimakis Chaniotis who is just 27.

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We began with a light but richly flavoured starter, Isle of Mull scallops with yuzu, celeriac and autumn truffle and next was a lentil and root vegetable casserole with gammon, perfect for the cold dark nights in London. Of the two main dishes, beef with bone marrow, spinach and enoki mushrooms was our favourite but the Cornish plaice with courgette was also excellent. To round it all off we had a beautiful chocolate pavé with chilli and stem ginger.

Pied a Terre is a London classic but one that is constantly reinventing itself to stay relevant in the city’s ever changing restaurant scene. With great food, wine and service, long may it continue.

34 Charlotte St, London W1T 2NH