loti eats | monohon ramen

We’ll keep this short and sweet, just like the menu at Monohon Ramen. Located on the Clerkenwell side of Old Street the small restaurant serves just six types of ramen, including three soup-less ones, one of which is served chilled. Whilst there’s only a small selection of dishes there’s still a few choices you have to make from how hard you want your noodles to what toppings you’d like to portion size.

We went for the Spicy Tonkotsu, which is a creamy pork bone broth with thin noodles, bean sprouts, spring onions, slow cooked pork belly and spicy miso pork mince. You also get to choose your level of spiciness too – we went for middle but if like us you’re a fan of spice we’d recommend taking it up to high. Noodles are made on site, dishes are served fast and it’s some of the most authentic ramen we’ve had in London. A great little place to get your Japanese noodle fix. Slurping = essential.

102 Old St, London EC1V 9AY