We’re huge fans of Pretty Decent Beer, in fact we’d go as far as saying the beer at their taproom in Forest Gate is some of our favourite beer in London. Those pavement pints got us through some dark days in lockdown so we were pleased when they expanded into the arches next door, opening a bigger space with seats (no more sitting on the kerb) and a pretty decent food menu (see what we did there) from MISSY. 

MISSY started life in 2019 when female chefs Clare and Rona (with CVs that boast Little Duck the Picklery, Lupins and Pavilion amongst others) began making pickles and ferments before launching a range of products, from hot sauce to pickled veggies, during lockdown this year. Now, as well as selling their goods in independent retailers across London, they are in residence at Pretty Decent Beer cooking up things like kimchi fritters, fermented tomatoes with nutty ajo blanco, and crostini topped with creamy, sour bits and bobs. The menu changes frequently but it’s the perfect mix of fried snacks accompanied by delish dips, fresh flavours and ferments of course. Not only do they use their own fermented products, they bring in fellow fermenters too. 

Like the food menu, the beer menu switches up depends on what they have in kegs. It’s independently owned, all brewed on-site and they donate a percentage of every sale to good causes – if there was ever a reason to get another beer in, this is it. Find Missy now at PDB as well as on Instagram where they post about other pop-ups and co-labs. You don’t wanna miss(y) this…

340 Sheridan Rd, London E7 9EF