loti eats: max’s sandwich shop

It’s been on our list for months now but it’s location made us seriously late to Max’s party. However, at the end of last year we combined a trip to our beloved Rowan’s with a visit to Max’s Sandwich Shop and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Formerly of the Salt Yard group and Arbutus, Max has been let loose on the sarnie world and has used all the care, effort and quality ingredients it takes to make a meal and squeezed it between two slices of bread (focaccia if you’re wondering because according to the main man “sourdough can go fuck itself”.

The short menu features a handful of sarnies with quirky names. We bit into The Bhaji Smuggler, stuffed with carrot bhaji, green chili and peanut salsa and actual Bombay Mix, and the Original Gangster, a braised beef, sauerkraut and “incredibly slutty gravy mayo” creation, which went down far too well, as did the crispy potatoes coated in crack-like rose harissa yoghurt. SO GOOD. We be Original Gangster hoes for life. Not only are the sandwiches properly massive, they come in at around £7 a pop, so it’s a serious bargain. And with wild new combos swirling around in Max’s brain there’s even more reason for a repeat visit.

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19 Crouch Hill, London, N4 4AP