loti eats | madame d’s

Gunpowder was one of the big hits of last year, picking up some glowing reviews and – a sure sign of success in London – queues round the block. The team have now opened Madame D’s, just over the road in the upstairs room above a pub. Again it’s tiny and takes no reservations but Madame D’s differs from Gunpowder in the food stakes in a big way. Whilst Gunpowder was all about Indian home cooking, the menu at Madame D’s is inspired by Himalayan flavours, so takes influence from China, India, Nepal and Tibet.

The menu is short but we still had trouble narrowing it down to five dishes as it all sounded so good – it’s best to go with more than two people and order the whole menu! We can highly recommend the naga chilli beef puffs, spicy minced beef in flaky pastry; the fried chicken which comes with a beautiful spice-infused white soy sauce; the pork chop with chilli sauce; the stir fried paneer; and our favourite, the crispy fried pork with tomato and onion salad. Beware if you don’t like spice though as it’s all HOT.

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Madame D’s was already rammed when we were there so looks like the team have another hit on their hands – it was certainly a hit with us.

76 Commercial St, London E1 6LY