loti eats | 45 jermyn st.

Every so often a new classic comes along, a restaurant that serves good food, decent drinks and is comfortable – somewhere you’d take the rents. 45 Jermyn St. is one such restaurant, there’s no gimmicks (unless you count the baked Alaska flambé cooked at the table – but hey it tastes great so we’re not complaining) there’s no big named chef and they aren’t jumping on any trends. But the dining room is busy, there’s a great atmosphere and the food coming out of the kitchen is on point.

Located next door to Fortnum & Mason, the restaurant has an air of one which has been around a while, probably due to the Fortnums connection. We visited for a late lunch at 3pm and even then it was bustling. The highlights were an incredible champagne truffle risotto, some of the best triple cooked chips we’ve tasted, and a huge knickerbocker glory which took us back to our childhood holidays in Blackpool – only this had a meringue top and we’d be tempted to go back for this alone. In fact there’s a fair few dishes that are twists on classics like the whole selection of floats, egg custard tart and rice pudding. Don’t miss the baked Alaska though, served with boozy cherries and a rich hazelnut ice-cream filling.

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Whilst 45 Jermyn St. might not be grabbing the headlines or the hype it’s one restaurant that needs to be on your list as an fail-safe and we have a feeling it’s one will be around a while.

45 Jermyn St, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6JD