Imad Alarnab had three successful restaurants and several juice bars in Damascus, before the onset of war tore Syria apart, and his businesses with it. Fleeing the country, he eventually arrived in London via a long journey across Europe cooking for fellow refugees along the way. After trying several jobs in London, including as a car salesman, Imad returned to his true passion of cooking and started running supper clubs which sold out within hours. And now at the end of this incredible story, Imad finally has his own permanent restaurant, Imad’s Syrian Kitchen, which opened in Kingly Court in 2021.

Arriving at Imad’s Syrian Kitchen knowing all this, you already want to love it and when you are greeted by Imad himself at the door of the nice bright restaurant on the top level of Kingly Court the deal is sealed. Smiling and welcoming and relaxed, it’s a welcome bit of genuine hospitality in the chain-dominated levels below. 

Happily, as well as good vibes, you can also find excellent food and wine here. Most dishes will feel familiar, taking common touch points around Middle Eastern cuisine into a short sharp menu. We loved hummus, topped with a dusting of deep purple sumac; fresh citrussy fattoush salad; and the doughnut-shaped falafel from the starters. Meatier mains bought beautiful lamb kofte in a rich tomato sauce and grilled chicken thigh with bulgur wheat. 

For desert there’s Syrian ice cream with pistachio and candy floss. A sweet, memorable ending to a brilliant meal with an incredible story to match. 

Top Floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby St, London W1B 5PW