loti eats: house of momo

House of MoMo is one of those places you’ve probably passed a million times but for some reason always forget about it when you’re hungry or planning a dinner out. Well we finally ticked it off our list and we can confirm it serves up bloody good momo. For those who don’t know, momo are a type of South Asian dumpling – a lot like dim sum – and here they come filled with either chicken or vegetables. Once you choose your filling, you then need to decide how you’d like them served; steamed, pan fried, coated in a sesame creamy curry sauce or a spicy chilli sauce. We suggest ordering all four options because each one is pretty decent.

There’s also a couple of thalis on the menu which are made up of vegetable curry, paratha, rice and what not, but we’d stick to the bowls of fresh, delicious dumplings and beer. In fact for £10 you can score a bowl of dumplings and a beer. It’s a simple little joint, so don’t expect them to roll out the red carpet because you defo won’t find it here but what you will find is fast, fresh delicious dumplings which won’t break the bank.

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52 Boleyn Rd, London N16 8JP