loti eats | fancy crab

If you didn’t guess from the name then you’d know from the decor that Red King Crab is the star of the show at Fancy Crab, one of the latest restaurants to open on Wigmore Street. On one wall you’ve got a giant crab mural, on the other you’ve got re-creations of famous artworks, with some crabby additions, and right in the middle you’ve got a big display counter with the real things on ice.

Fancy Crab use only wild and sustainably caught Red King Crab from the Barents Sea and they’ve really gone to town in terms of the different ways you can eat it, from rich King Crab bisque to crab guacamole to a crab burger to Singaporean chilli crab, which comes with brioche buns for mopping up the curry sauce. To really taste the quality of the crab meat though, it’s best to get it either cold with dipping sauces or grilled with butter and thyme. They serve three different parts of the crab this way, and the waiters are very helpful in terms of explaining which part of the crab is which…they’ll even bring a whole one out to you so you can see it in all its glory.

We tried the rose (the knuckle bit between the leg and body) cold, which went really well with a creamy squid ink sauce and the merus (the main leg pat) grilled, which was extra buttery and sweet and one of our fave dishes of the night. The tempura crab claws with chipotle mayo, although a little tricky to get into at first, were also super succulent and worth the effort.

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With such a luxury ingredient at the centre of the menu (though they do have other seafood and some non-fish dishes), a meal here can get spenny, especially if you’re wanting a substantial amount of food. However if you wanna get your claws into some top quality crab done a variety of ways and you don’t mind shelling out for it, give Fancy Crab a go.

92 Wigmore St, London, W1U 3RD