loti eats | the dusty knuckle

After operating out of a shipping container in a Dalston car park for a few years, The Dusty Knuckle bakery has got a brand new premises. Well, it’s still in that car park but they now have a bottom corner of a proper brick building and at least ten times the space. This is great news for them as they can bake more bread but it’s also great news for the rest of us as they are now open on weekends, with a little brunch menu and a few indoor tables. It’s a small but nicely done space, with walls lined with bread and amazing looking pastries for you to takeaway. There’s also a big kitchen at the back where you can spy the bakers slapping out dough ready to go into the oven.

We polished off a lovely bacon and egg sandwich plus a roasted cauliflower dish from the brunch menu, although we think a nice bit of their sourdough would have worked better than the focaccia they used for the bacon sarnie. The place was heaving already, so much so that staff were a bit stretched but it’s early days yet so plenty of time to iron out the kinks.

What makes The Dusty Knuckle especially great is their support for young Londoners through their successful work experience and employment programmes. Plus they run regular education classes in food and baking that are delivered in schools and youth clubs. We love places like this that give something back to the community – Stokey’s Luminary Bakery being another – so here’s hoping The Dusty Knuckle continue to grow.

Abbot St, London E8 3DP