loti eats: duck and waffle local

Even if you’ve never been to Duck & Waffle there’s a good chance you’ll have seen it in your instagram feeds, as Londoners (and tourists) go mad for the views from the original site in Heron Tower and that fried duck and waffle. The second addition to the Duck and Waffle group might not have the views but it does still have THAT duck and waffle dish as well as many other staples that will no doubt be filling your feeds very soon.

One such dish, the duck jam donut with orange glaze is an absolute belter. It’s a huge fluffy donut filled with meaty duck in a gravy style sauce which is served sat on top of a rich, sticky sweet orange glaze. Then there’s the duck burger, duck fat fries, duck sausages, duck liver brulee – you get the theme, yeah? Other than duck, the vegetable dishes are actually pretty well presented and put together too – we had a beautiful plate of heritage carrots served on spiced chickpea salad. And last but not least there’s THOSE ice-cream cones – go Full Elvis and we guarantee you won’t regret it (we can’t guarantee you won’t have a heart attack).

[URIS id=89512]

Duck and Waffle Local is designed to be more casual than the original as you order at a counter and the cocktails are all on tap. One thing’s for sure: you’re bound to be waddling out of there at the end of the night.

2 St James’s Market, London SW1Y 4RP