loti eats: dominique ansel

There was a whole load of hype around the arrival of Cronut maker Dominique Ansel in London town and tales (and Instagram shots) of mile long queues. Well that hype has finally died down a little which means there’s a good chance you can rock up and go straight in. But is it worth a trip to Victoria? Well if you’re a fan or delicious freshly baked goods – especially ones that are a bit more interesting than your usual sausage roll AND guaranteed to make your social media feeds go wild – then yes it is.

Dominique Ansel is known for his cronuts and the good news is you can get them here as well as a seasonal rotation of cakes and quite a few London-only concoctions, including THAT welsh rarebit croissant (just don’t even think about the fat content!) and the delicious banana paella – which contains no rice. The bakery also has a cute little courtyard should you want to sit and eat or if you take away, the cakes come in special boxes which are great for prezzies if you’re taking the train from Victoria. Pop down and fill your face (and your feed) with naughtiness. Just don’t make too much of a habit of it or the Doctor won’t be happy…

[URIS id=91647]

17-21 Elizabeth Street, Victoria, London SW1W 9RP