We’ve had a hell of a lot of delivery kits come through lately, so much so we might have just about reached peak home kit – so it’s refreshing when one hits that is genuinely different from the rest out there. Take, for example, Decatur who is serving up some incredible New Orleans-style seafood with their shrimp boils and chargrilled oysters. Some of you might already know Decatur from various street food markets and a pop-up at Pamela in East London a few years ago. Pre-Covid they were about to make the move to bricks and mortar with a site in Hackney which has for obvious reasons now been put on hold.

Decatur’s delivery is well thought out – it includes all the food ingredients as well as cute packaging, newspaper for the boil and it’s super easy to pull off too. The oysters are worthy of their hype – after opening them (if you don’t have a special knife, use a screwdriver!) you just need to quickly roast them with hot pecorino-garlic butter, Cajun spices, fresh parsley, lemon and Crystal Hot Sauce alongside a white baguette for dipping. We could have eaten several more of these. Then there’s the massive shrimp boil, full of fresh prawns, corn on the cob, sausage, garlic and spices – if you’re not coughing when that spicy “Decaturains Seasoning” (a secret blend of herbs & spices) hits the back of your throat, you’re not doing it right. Then just tip it out on to your table (cover it with the newspaper) and dig in.

A genuinely unique delivery offering done very well indeed – in or out of lockdown, Decatur delivers the goods.