loti eats | daddy bao

Bao buns have been making waves on London’s foodie scene for a few years now, and the ripples have spread as far as Tooting. Daddy Bao is the newest in the Mr Bao family, which opened in Peckham in 2016. Its new sister (or rather, parent) restaurant definitely merits a trip to Zone 3. If it had opened in Soho there’d be queues around the block for its killer buns and cocktails. As it is the cosy little restaurant is buzzing but not crowded, with friendly staff allowing you to relax over your meal.

And the food is definitely worth lingering over. Though the buns are the main event, there’s a wide array of starters and snacks that can’t be overlooked, from the tahini-drenched sesame aubergine to the crispy Taiwanese fried chicken with a miso mayo. The baos themselves are pillow soft; the signature pork and peanut Mr Bao is tender whereas the Drunken Prawn Bao, filled with beer-battered prawns, offers a satisfying crunch. Daddy Bao also does vegan buns (traditional bao dough is made with milk) so there’s plenty for plant-based peeps to enjoy too.

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With all buns priced less than £5, you’ll have enough change to splash out on a cocktail or two. And you won’t need more than that as most of them have alcoholic mixers…they ain’t skimping on the booze here.

With its great food, strong drinks and fun atmosphere, Daddy Bao is a strong addition to the family.

113 Mitcham Rd, London SW17 9PE