loti eats: club mexicana

Fancy vegan food that knocks the ethically-sourced socks off lentils and lettuce? Then let us introduce you to Club Mexicana who has set up kitchen in Pamela on Kingsland Road, dishing up tasty Mexican street food with big flavours and bright colours.

Think ‘chicken wings’, not actual chicken – it’s vegan yeah – but an interesting take on classic fried wings, served with salsa verde and pickles to get your tastebuds dancing. Then there’s the spicy HOT Baja To-fish tacos with pickled red cabbage, avocado salsa verde, sour cream and chipotle chilli oil. But what we found most addictive was the Annato glazed aubergine with sour cream and coriander – just like super chunky chips.

[URIS id=82081]

For 100% vegan Mexican street food, Club Mexicana defo brings a strong game; there’s lots of choice and no dud dishes either which often happens with the one token vegan option on a regular menu. Take our advice and be sure not to miss the margarita key lime pie, even if you think you can’t make room, you’ll finish it no problem. AND when it’s vegan it’s like TOTES healthy….right?

428 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AA