It’s been a big summer for Chotto Matte: not only is the refurb and relaunch of their original Soho site just around the corner, they also opened a second London site back in June, in Marylebone

If you were a fan of the lively atmosphere and Japanese-Peruvian dishes of the original then you’ll almost certainly find plenty to like at the new Marylebone location too. It maybe doesn’t have quite the same buzz (Marylebone is a bit of a different crowd to Soho after all) but the dishes on the menu are as exciting as ever. 

The heart of Chotto Matte is still the sushi and sashimi and the hot dishes, fresh from the robata grill. We kicked off, as you always should, with some spicy edamame and a cocktail, while lining up the next rounds of dishes. Spicy tuna rice is one of our favourites and a must order, but it was a new dish that was one of the highlights of the night – the BBQ mushroom salad. This mix of Japanese mushrooms was served with radicchio, cashew nuts, daikon, and spicy, sharp yuzu dressing and was a perfect light starter. 

O-toro (tuna belly) is one of the most prized cuts of fish in Japanese cuisine and we are absolute suckers for it, so we next went in for the o-toro with chilli, spring onion, and coriander cress. The fatty fish melts in your mouth and is not one to miss, even if it does command a steep price tag. Totally worth it in our book. Next up was a classic dragon roll, stuffed with crisp prawn tempura and sweet sticky unagi sauce. The main event was wagyu sirloin, seared briefly on the charcoal robata grill, and served rare with a truffle teriyaki sauce. 

Chotto Matte have another winner on their hands with their new Marylebone site and we’re looking forward to seeing the new refurbished Soho site very soon. If you’ve never been before now’s the perfect time to check out one of their spots for some seriously high grade Japanese-Peruvian dishes. One for the hit list. 

26 Paddington St, London W1U 5QY