Once upon a time, we used to like a Nando’s just as much as the next guy. But their well-documented use of battery farmed chickens put an end to that a long time ago, and there’s plenty of other options around now, such as Casa do Frango. Now Patty & Bun are getting involved with their new SideChick delivery kitchen, which is here to rule to the roost.

First things first, Patty & Bun are using HG Walter, the same supplier as for their burgers. The corn-fed birds are covered in a choice of three different marinades – za’taar, garlic, honey, olive oil & lemon; clarified butter, herbs & lemon; and piri piri – and served whole or in halves.

We went for piri piri and it was so good, the chicken is juicy AF and you’ll want to drink the sauce that’s left on the plate. In fact the one thing they could do to make it better is give you a baguette to mop up those juices with! The roast chicken mayo it comes with is a beaut too.

There’s also some banging salads and sides – a green salad with a delish miso vinaigrette, some new potatoes (although fries would probs work better), and a nice grilled aubergine with tomato compote.

SideChick is a great new addition to our delivery options right now – here’s hoping it’ll be a permanent fixture, as you’ll never need a cheeky Nando’s again.

397 Mentmore Terrace, London, E83PH