One of the best meal boxes to come out of Lockdown 3 so far is the new ‘Lockdown Box’ from Clapton favourite My Neighbours the Dumplings. Nearly every restaurant you can think of has a delivery box option now (and we’ve tried most of them) so standing out from the crowd can be tough, but this one genuinely offers something a bit different and is a whole lot of fun to make.

We should say that it’s one of the more involved meal kits, where you have to do quite a bit of work, so best save it for a Saturday night – you probably won’t want to be making wontons after a long day in the home office. For £60 it’s amazing value, coming with an absolute feast of dumplings and dishes, and easily feeds three people (or will leave some leftover for another day).

If you’ve had a big meal kit before you’ll have had the experience of each individual dish being easy to sort out, but when it comes to getting all of them ready at the same time, it becomes a confusing mess of timings with every pan you own out of the cupboards and everyone flapping around like an octopus. Well not with this one – each dish does have individual instructions but then there is a very clever schedule which tells you in which order to do everything so you have each dish perfectly ready at the same time. We’ve not seen anyone else do this but it makes a huge difference, so absolute top marks for the instructions in this box.

There’s so many goodies in this box but some particular highlights are the Potato and Truffle Ham Sui Gok dumplings (vegan crispy glutinous rice dumplings) which you just need to shallow fry for a few minutes; the pork wonton soup, where you have to wrap the pork mince in the supplied wonton wrappers before cooking (FUN rather than a chore); and the duck pancake kit, just because it’s an old school classic and done very well here.

There’s also MND’s own range of frozen dumplings, tea leaf salad, a delicious turnip cake, har gau, black vinegar, chilli oil, and a steamed cake with banoffee sauce for dessert, all coming as standard with the box. You can pimp it up further too, with cocktails, tofu, pork belly and LOADS more. Plus if you’re vegan, there’s a full vegan box for you.

One of the best kits yet – if you’re missing your dumpling fix, this is a great one to liven up lockdown. Order here for nationwide delivery.