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Nine Lives, a new cocktail bar with a conscience, has opened up in London Bridge. Located down a cobbled side street, it’s not the easiest to find but it’s well worth seeking out. The basement bar is a cool space, its interiors almost as cool as its hipster guests and staff – almost. The bar operates a zero waste policy reusing as much as possible from the drink ingredients before finally turning anything left into compost for their garden.

The cocktails are spilt into four sections; Shorty, Long, Tarted (Up) and Lowriders. We started with a couple of shorties, the Moby Dick a delicious mix of whisky, coconut and salted caramel and the Tonatiuh with mezcal, aromatic bitters, passion fruit and white vermouth.

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We followed with a couple from the Tarted (Up) selection; the Kuti Bird with vodka, triple sec, pineapple and Aperol served in a statue’s head and the Lutra, a combo of gin, sake, lemon and peach. We’re happy to say the statue’s head was as gimmicky as the serves got and 3 outta 4 were served in normal glasses. HOORAY. Plus, they all tasted great – even the salted caramel one – remember mixologists, sometimes less is more.

The fact that these drinks are better for the environment than standard cocktails, means there’s even more of a reason to check out Nine Lives – now, who was it that told us cocktails with a conscience don’t give you hangovers??? Fingers crossed.

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8 Holyrood Street, London SE1 2EL