Nightjar, the speakeasy known for serving up quality cocktails to a backdrop of jazz and swing, has recently launched a new version of its Arts & Crafts menu. It still covers the history of the cocktail by being divided into four sections (Pre-Prohibition, Prohibition, Post-War and Nightjar Signatures) but the bar has taken advantage of the increasing range of non-alcoholic spirits and niche producers making new distillates and liqueurs by mixing up some fresh creations.

Tickle My Fancy, from the Pre-Prohibition section, is one of the new additions. Inspired by a British cocktail of the same name from the early 1900s, it’s a fresh, zesty blend of Theodore Gin, pennyroyal cordial, tangerine juice and lime juice, with Electric Liqueur and popping candy garnish providing the tickle.

In an effort to hit up the other menu sections, we also tried the London Mule (Post-War). Made with Tanqueray Gin, galangal beer, lime, apple and rhubarb, it’s a take on a Moscow Mule – it has the same refreshing taste with added fruity notes, though instead of the classic copper cup it comes served in a large wooden jug complete with a mini Union Jack. Maybe this is what we’ll all be drinking post-Brexit?

From the Nightjar Signatures we went for the Flying High (Absolut Elyx vodka, cold brew coffee, Galliano Ristretto and Vanilla Amaro del Ciclista), which is the bar’s version of an espresso martini, served in a gold bird. The bartenders have drawn on the decorative aspect of the Arts & Crafts period, serving the drinks in playful and quirky vessels. Thankfully what’s inside the glasses lives up to the presentation, so you can get a great cocktail and a pic for the ‘gram.

129 City Road, London, EC1V 1JB