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And the award for the best cocktail menu goes to… Every Cloud. It’s by far the most creative menu we’ve read, erm, ever! Every Cloud is a neighbourhood cocktail bar on Morning Lane in Hackney, right next door to their restaurant, Silver Lining (see what they did there), where a quick drink may turn into waking up on a ferry bound for Amsterdam.

Every Cloud takes quirky cocktails to the next level. But how? Well, it’s not just all about the combinations of ingredients they’ve used or the mind-bending methods that have gone to in creating such bespoke boozy concoctions, it’s also their actual menu, their written words. We’ll give you a little taste with the description of their cocktail for ‘The Horse Awakens’:

“Can’t explain this because it’s horseradish vodka stirred with Suze and apricot liqueur, which v. much sounds like something you make at the end of a party when all you’ve got left is… well, horseradish vodka, apricot liqueur and a dusty bottle of Suze from that booze cruise, but honestly, it works. Think of it as a ‘finger up the bum’ of a drink: you’re not going into it expecting to like it, but trust me, you’ll be asking for it again next time. Begging.”

Every Cloud Cocktail Bar in Hackney
Every Cloud Cocktail Bar in Hackney

See, it’s just poetry. All of the drinks descriptions are written out in the same quirky fashion and are the work of Vice journo Joel Golby, praise be! Better still they are f**king good. Strong, bold, zesty and like a slap in the face with a giant flump. And they taste even better in their gem of courtyard. Mediterranean-style with terracotta walls, fairy lights, a plethora of green plants and table bloody service. Welcome to Costa del Hackney.

11A Morning Ln, London E9 6ND