loti drinks | every cloud

And the award for the best cocktail menu goes to… Every Cloud. It’s by far the most creative menu we’ve read, erm, ever! Every Cloud is a neighbourhood cocktail bar on Morning Lane in Hackney, right next door to their restaurant, Silver Lining (see what they did there), where a quick drink may turn into waking up on a ferry bound for Amsterdam.

Every Cloud takes quirky cocktails to the next level. But how? Well, it’s not just all about the combinations of ingredients they’ve used or the mind-bending methods that have gone to in creating such bespoke boozy concoctions, it’s also their actual menu, their written words. We’ll give you a little taste with the description of their cocktail for ‘The Horse Awakens’:

“Can’t explain this because it’s horseradish vodka stirred with Suze and apricot liqueur, which v. much sounds like something you make at the end of a party when all you’ve got left is… well, horseradish vodka, apricot liqueur and a dusty bottle of Suze from that booze cruise, but honestly, it works. Think of it as a ‘finger up the bum’ of a drink: you’re not going into it expecting to like it, but trust me, you’ll be asking for it again next time. Begging.”

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See, it’s just poetry. All of the drinks descriptions are written out in the same quirky fashion and are the work of Vice journo Joel Golby, praise be! Better still they are f**king good. Strong, bold, zesty and like a slap in the face with a giant flump. And they taste even better in their gem of courtyard. Mediterranean-style with terracotta walls, fairy lights, a plethora of green plants and table bloody service. Welcome to Costa del Hackney.

11A Morning Ln, London E9 6ND