From perms to mohawks, mullets to afros, blue hair to leopard print, ponytails to rat tails, there really is no surprising us anymore when it comes to footballers’ haircuts. We’re not sure who’s responsible for these feats of follicle engineering but they must be making an absolute mint doing it. One thing we do know is, that when you’re more famous for your wig than you are for your abilities on the pitch, things might have gone too far. Whilst you’re here be sure to register for our Armchair Managers Club to join in on all the Euros 2021 action.

David Beckham

Beckham has been known for a number of haircuts over the years from buzz cuts to bangs and even cornrows for a brief period. But who could forget the iconic mohawk, the universal symbol of punk rebellion and mischief. If Beckham’s football tekkers weren’t enough to strike fear into his opponents, this mohawk sure was.


“Can I have a short back and top, please mate?” Before Cristiano Ronaldo, there was Brazilian Ronaldo, who was equally as prestigious a player. Dubbed one of the best football players of all time, he’s also known for having one of the worst haircuts ever. We don’t know about you but we can see this one making a comeback, keep an eye out round your local art colleges.

Rodrigo Palacio

For when you just can’t let it go. No man likes to come to terms with going bald, from hair treatments to wigs we’ve tried it all. Rodrigo opted to hold on to one last strand of his youth with a rat tail down to his shoulders. To add insult to injury the rat tail is slightly off centre. That being said, you can’t knock a man for trying.

Rio Ferdinand

They say blondes have more fun and Rio wasn’t about to take your word for it without giving it a go himself. We all have moments of madness where a bottle of hair dye, a slit in the eyebrow or a face tattoo feels like a good idea and sometimes we even act on these desires. After a brief dabble with the look Rio reverted to the old familiar and went back to his usual haircut.

David Seaman

One of the only men to pull off a ponytail without looking a convicted…well you know the rest. David Seaman is one of those men who can make anything look honourable from the often ignored role of goalkeeper, especially that ‘tache and ponytail combo. A goalkeeper who celebrated his saves the same way strikers celebrated their goals. The rest of us sit back in admiration.

Vagner Love

An iconic Brazillian football player who has dyed his hair an array of colour from blue to red to green over the years. Nowadays Vagner rocks a shaved head, a sign of getting older perhaps? Either way we hope the colourful hairstyles make a return soon.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba, a player who like Beckham is known for rocking a different haircut depending on what day of the week it is. Here we see him boasting a leopard print cut, which admittedly has been done rather well.

Paul Scharner

A player who on a day-to-day basis has a modest haircut decided to dye his hair blue and white to pay homage to West Bromwich Albion fans on his emotional exit from football. As much as we laugh at footballers’s interesting choices in haircuts and fashion, they certainly leave behind a legacy that lasts long after they run off the pitch.