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Having founded London On The Inside Magazine in 2010, Jules and Ben have created London’s biggest independent lifestyle publication highlighting the best discoveries and experiences in the city gaining esteemed credibility throughout the hospitality industry, leading media agencies and the half a million followers they engage with each month. It seemed a natural fit to use the skill sets and experience within social media and offer our services to others within the hospitality industry.

The LOTI Social Media Agency was born in November 2020 specialising in creating, managing and delivering social media content to engage and grow audiences.

Meet The Founders

What We Can Bring To The Table

From Social Media Management and Media Placement to PR/Collaboration services, our partnership options extend to both LOTI magazine and LOTI social agency.

We’re in the trenches when it comes to what’s hot, what’s not and what trends are on the horizon, which means we can help you to ensure your business is relevant and future proofed. We regularly work with brands and destinations in London to help create marketing strategies, events and ideas to increase footfall.

We’ve worked with the likes of Bloomberg, Carnaby Street, Seven Dials, Coal Drops Yard, Portman Marylebone, St James’s, Here East and more. If you need helping with strategy, positioning, creative and trends with or without editorial support, we can give you valuable insight on brand direction to help form a plan that keeps you on the track you want to be on.

Experience a transparent and cooperative process with us:

  • We offer a meticulously detailed monthly plan tailored to your needs, inviting your feedback and approval every step of the way.
  • Through bi-weekly/monthly check-ins, we ensure alignment on priorities.
  • Our monthly reports meticulously track growth and engagement metrics, while our dedicated What’s App group guarantees swift responses to your inquiries.

What you can expect:

We only work on a handful of clients at a time to ensure we deliver this successfully too, meaning you’re not just on a ‘to do list’.

Client Work