Kendal Calling Festival 2016 LOTI

Five hours cramped into a carriage full of boozed up, selfie taking teens (quiet zone, a bad lie) was actually a pretty miniscule price to pay for the wonder that was Kendal Calling 2016. Trees, so many trees and let’s not forget the music, Pete Doherty, Madness, a better than we could have ever dreamed The Darkness and our new favourite band, The Lancashire Hot Pots all descended onto the stunning Lake District for a chilled out weekend of laid back boozing and vibes hotter than it was on the Saturday (and they told us it would be cold up North!).

The 23,000 strong crowd made the party with not a sad face in sight and even the few desperate outdoor pee-ers seemed to do so with the utmost of joviality…For reals.

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With dates already announced for 2017, we’ll be getting a B&B and sheep silencing headphones with August’s pay.