london’s first medicinal vegan bar is open

Been overdoing it a bit lately? You need to go to rehab…the new medicinal vegan bar and cafe in Hackney that is. Not only is everything at Rehab 100% vegan, they focus on ingredients that do you good, from alkalising bases in their dressings to MCT oil in their espresso martinis. Whilst they are about keeping it clean, with dishes like rainbow bowls, edamame pasta with cashew pesto, smashed avo on toast and superfood smoothies all on the menu, this Rehab happily serves booze too with craft beer, organic wine and medicinal cocktails on the drinks list. If you’re off the wagon (or are just feeling the strain the morning after), their medicinal tonics will help you re-energise, fight inflammation, ward off the flu and generally keep you feeling great. Yes this is one rehab you’ll want to go to.

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271 Well Street, London, E9 6RG