Korean Grill Kensington is serving up Korean food, omakase-style

Korean Grill Kensington (KGK) has opened in SW London with a menu that blends Korean BBQ with omakase. The tables at KGK have grills so you can BBQ meats yourself, while the restaurant’s chefs will select and serve up seasonal specialties.

It looks like the menu will be packed with Korean classics, expect dishes to include the likes of:

  • KGK king kalbi (a diamond-cut beef short rib marinated in KGK’s signature sauce)
  • Ssam (meats wrapped in lettuce and perilla leaves with assorted sauces)
  • Yukhoe (Korean beef tartare with sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and Korean pear served with an egg yolk on top)
  • Pork belly su-yuk with ssamjang
  • Soybean ice cream

If you drop by for lunch, they’ll have affordable set menus ranging from £22 to £25 which’ll get you a Korean salad, a choice of bulgogi (marinated beef), rice/soup, bibimbap and a seasonal dessert. There’ll also be plenty of vegan options, including hot stone rice dishes. And in the evening, the menu is priced at £65.00 per head.

Corner of Courtfield Road and Ashburn Place, South Kensington, London SW7 4QH