london’s first cookie dough pop-up

Licking the spoon is always the best bit of baking, so we couldn’t be more excited about the opening of London’s first edible cookie dough pop-up at Old Street station. Naked Dough create safe-to-eat raw cookie dough and will be serving the stuff straight from the tub. Expect flavours to include ‘Unicorn Food’ with marshmallows and sprinkles, ‘Nutting Better’ with peanut butter and crunched peanuts and ‘Ed Sheeran’ with salted caramel and honeycomb. YUM. As well as serving the cookie dough up in a cone or in a tub to take home, Naked Dough will also be whizzing the stuff up into milkshakes for those who want to go all in.

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Opening Tues 6th June 2017
Old Street station, London EC1Y 1BE