With the arrival of the New Year and the return of Dry January, plenty of us are having a closer look at our drinking habits. And while those of us who’ve made the choice to cut down may be doing just fine at home with our cups of tea or alcohol-free substitutes, going out is a different story. Non-alcoholic drinks outside of the house are usually limited to a lime soda or a Lucky Saint, and the social drinkers among us could easily slip back into old habits when around pals who are drinking. That’s where Maya’s, the city’s first non-alcoholic cocktail bar, comes in.

Launching as a pop-up on Brick Lane next week, Maya’s will cater to anyone looking to go out, sans the spirits. Whether you’re saving yourself from a hangover, keeping up a New Year’s resolution or just not a drinker, the new bar will allow Londoners to lose the booze without compromising their social calendar. The menu will feature a range of classic cocktails that have been expertly recalibrated without alcohol alongside a selection of 0% ABV wines and beers.

The selection has been created with the help of brands at the cutting edge of spirit alternatives – including East London-based Kahol, Swiss start-up Rebels and Danish brand ISH – resulting in a list that the Maya’s team are confident will impress even the most avid cocktails fans. The inaugural pop-up, which will be hosted by Kahaila, comes as the first in a series planned for 2023 before the bar starts looking for a permanent site. It sounds like the drinks here will be far from the typical, half-arsed mocktails and, whatever you’re drinking, that’s something to cheers to.

Opens Thurs 12th January 2023
Kahaila, 135 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB