Burgers are a fast food item that we just cannot live without. We admit that every single time that we decide it is time to go on a diet well, it just cannot be kept when faced with delicious creations such as these. Besides, burgers can be classed as salad can they not? They do after all have lettuce and some onions and tomatoes in there. Yes, it is totally a salad. In any case, London has become quite the destination for getting that burger just right. Within today’s article, we are going to help you pinpoint the perfect spots, so the next time you are feeling like a burger, you know exactly where you need to go to hit the spot for your cravings. Be warned, you may be tempted for another and we will not accept responsibility for breaking your clean eating diet-just saying!

If you are deciding to sit out on the eating part for now, just know that we have something to keep you entertained in the meantime. You want to use these locations for the day that you decide to have a treat, right? So, make sure you bookmark away. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of slot games, make sure to check out the Double up slots feature, which has proven to be very entertaining!


Burgeri is located within the Soho area, and not too far from the Oxford Circus underground. For those that like burgers with an American touch to it, you have come to the right place. It is a spot that does the largest and juiciest burgers, and just for the record, the price is not at all that bad for London. All in all, a nice burger meal with a regular drink hits around £17 maximum-yet it will depend on what you get. Of course, that brings you super great quality that is not like cheaper alternatives such as McDonalds for example. 

One burger you should definitely hit up this next weekend, is the Mushroom Melt. The cheese is grilled alongside the mushrooms and the bun, so it gives you this slightly crunchy texture, that works perfectly with the moist meat patty and onion chutney that they put on the bun. At £5.90, you really cannot complain about the taste and quality here. In addition to this, if you love yourself some more cheese, make sure to team up your burger with some cheese fries for an extra £3.30! 

They do hotdogs and other snacks such as nuggets too by the way, so if one burger is not enough, you can most definitely get some snacks to top up your main meal. Portions are quite large by the way, the regular fries come in a tray, so we think that should hit the spot just right. In addition, you can get some non-alcoholic cocktails like virgin mojitos and such to accompany your food, but word of warning they are slightly, and they are pushing towards £5. There is good news here however, they do deliver using Uber Eats, so you can make your weekend complete without leaving the sofa. We call that fine dining. 

The Double Standard 

The Standard burgers bring the 70s back to life. They are located within the Double Standard restaurant, and you are able to go and have your dinner, lunch, brunch (whichever you prefer) via the terrace that they have on site. This is only available on Sundays however. You could call this spot, one of the high-end burger joints that London has to offer, as the drink and bar available on site, really elevates the dining experience and makes any burger joint go from takeaway to posh. 

For the vegans, out there do not worry, the standard has you covered with some alternatives. In addition to this, they encourage you to get their burgers to side along some exclusive cocktails that they cater too. If you are going all out in getting a burger, you might as well get the drink too, right? The Classic Burger is the most popular choice of previous customers, and often gets paired with the ‘G & Tea’, which is a unique gin beverage, that gets entwined with some notes of earl grey, grapefruit and a Mediterranean tonic. Safe to say, it is really boujee and zesty! It will most certainly clean your palette of any meat after taste. 

They do have dessert selections too, if you happen to be out on a girl’s night or on a date, and want to go for the whole dining experience. However, the dessert choices you have will depend entirely on the time you go there. Dinner service includes ice cream combinations, with or without alcohol, just in case you have already indulged too much already…

The Bluebird Cafe

While the term ‘cafe’ makes you think there will be no chance of some burgers, you will be surprised to know that this spot is one of London’s most requested burger spots. It is not just a burger that you get from here, you get a super thick patty that will be garnished with onions, pickles, chutneys and lots of cheese. While they set the standard pretty high, you can also get some thick cut chips that are fluffy and crispy, usually just the way people like to eat them! However, if you prefer alternatives, they do that too i.e. sweet potato fries for example.

If you chose to sit in to eat these burgers, you will be able to enjoy the aesthetics of the seating area, which is leafy and radiant with floral decoration. It would be perfect for the summer to come, so you can soak up the sunny rays while you munch away! They only do one burger option however, their classic hamburger which you can add extra slices of bacon within your bun too. All in all, sometimes a classical burger is actually all that you need to eat, when you are craving a burger. It does not need to get more complicated than that!

Burger and Beyond

Burger and beyond brings to you a large selection of burgers that you can eat up! The special burger which Burger and Beyond report back to being super popular, is the ‘Bougie Burg’. This burger consists of some aged beef (which they do use in all their burgers too by the way) and double American cheese. The sauce and toppings that they put on top of your burger, include the steak sauce 2.0, which is a secret recipe too. In addition to the marrownaise and some onions that are marinated. This will ensure that by the time your burger comes, it will be juicy, succulent and full of flavour. 

Word of warning, the burgers are super packed and stacked up upon one another, making the burger pretty huge! It may make you think twice on selecting some fires as a side, yet we suggest you just go for it, as you want to make sure your entire experience is a yummy one, right? One thing we thought to mention too here, is the different arrangement of sources that are available from Burger and Beyond. They have their own range of sauces such as the burnt butter mayo, which is absolutely amazing if you pair it up with the cheesy truffle fries! Truffles are often not for everyone yet we can guarantee that these will be for you, as the flavours perfectly mould together in the subtlest sense. Yet, nevertheless, you will not regret committing to this burger once the first bite gets in your mouth!