London Might Be Getting More Night Tube Trains

Mayor Sadiq Khan is looking at increasing the frequency of Night Tube services – but it’s not a sure thing just yet

Though it’s still somewhat up for discussion, the vast majority of us wouldn’t agree that London’s a 24-hour city. While there are some late-night spaces, London’s nightlife pales in comparison to the likes of NYC or pretty much any European city. And if you do manage to find a bar or club open past 2am, it’ll be just as hard getting home since you’ll be fighting over cabs or waiting around at bus stops.

That’s why it was a big deal when the Night Tube was first introduced (24-hour Tube service on Fridays and Saturdays? Life-changing). Though the services only run on certain days and lines – Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria – Night Tube trains can make a big impact, cutting some late-night trips by more than an hour and playing a key part in opening up London’s night-time economy.

Currently, Night Tube trains are scheduled to come every 10 minutes, however, Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that Transport for London (TfL) is weighing up the possibility of making services more frequent during the busiest part of the night (Night Tube peak hours are between midnight and 1.30am). As yet, all we know is that an increase is being considered, but we don’t know when or to what extent. There’s also been no indication that the Night Tube will be expanding onto other London Underground lines. We’ll keep you updated with more info as it comes.