Lola Tillyaeva (Till), a wellbeing activist, author and entrepreneur, is the founder of newcomer perfume house The Harmonist, that is based on a unique principle of bringing harmony and wellbeing through the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui. Available at Harrods in London, The Harmonist’s perfumes are all individually matched to complement the wearer’s personality. In The Harmonist’s philosophy, each of us possesses five elements within us – Water, Fire, Wood, Metal or Earth – but are guided by one particular element based on our birthdate, time and location. On their website you can take your own element test to provide you with guidance on different areas of your life and how to achieve greater harmony and balance.

An LA-based brand, The Harmonist has worked with renowned nose Guillaume Flavigny to help create the scents by sourcing some of the world’s most precious ingredients. Producing the fragrances in France, The Harmonist has its flagship store in Paris. And though the house was only founded in 2016, it’s made quite the splash in the perfume world – The Harmonist’s newest fragrances Moon Glory and Sun Force were nominated in 2021 US Fragrance Foundation Awards for both women’s and men’s luxury fragrance of the year.

Dedicated to health and wellness, Lola takes great care that wellbeing, self-acceptance and self-care is at the forefront of everything The Harmonist does. “For years, the beauty industry has capitalised on feelings of low self-esteem. But as today we find ourselves in the midst of a global mental health crisis, it has never been more important that the beauty industry becomes more inclusive, promotes self-love and takes a holistic approach to body and mind,” says Lola. “And this is exactly what we’re doing at The Harmonist. We support people to find inner and outer harmony, understand their unique qualities and create self-care rituals that empower and bring balance.”

As well as studying health science and spirituality over the years, Lola also published a self-care guide in 2020 called Be Your Own Harmonist: Awakening Your Inner Wisdom for Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-being. In this widely acclaimed guide she provides much of the needed theoretical and practical information to lead a more confident, healthy and emotionally resilient life.

As Lola is also big on sustainability The Harmonist uses ethically sourced ingredients and recyclable materials wherever possible. The brand has also launched the charitable environmental project The Droplet, a multi-sensory art installation in the shape of a falling water drop that tours the world to raise awareness of water conservation and global warming. With more fragrance launches planned for later this year, it looks like there’ll be no let up for Lola.