If like us, you’re eating and drinking your way through lockdown and need some inspiration for what to put in your glass, then check out our picks for a summer lockdown sesh. We’ve got tequila for Cinco de Mayo, Spritz for the sun, Negroni because Stanley made us do it, and some juicy AF summer wines. CHIN CHIN ????????????????

Maestro Dobel

We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo the best way we know how with lashings of tequila – this baller bottle is the world’s first Cristalino, multi-aged tequila. In layman’s terms it means Maestro Dobel Diamante is super smooth on the buds. Great in cocktails (like this very easy to make Paloma we created) or neat (to sip, NOT shot – you ain’t El Chapo, no matter how much Narcos you watch).

£52.75 on the Whisky Exchange

El Rayo

Continuing with the Cinco de Mayo celebrations – who cares if it’s neuve or diez de Mayo, the important part is you can drink Mexico’s finest every day of the year. If you like more of a smoky tequila, then El Rayo rested in ex-whisky barrels is a good choice. Enjoy with tonic and a slice of grapefruit – minimum effort needed. We will absolutely drink to that.

£34.95 from El Rayo

Aperol Spritz

Indoors or not, when that sun is out there is nothing that says holiday like a cheeky Aperol Spritz or three. One of our favourite summer drinks and especially good with all the pasta we (and everyone else on social media) is enjoying. Just find somewhere sunny to perch – the windowsill will suffice.

£13.50 at The Bottle Club

Primo Aperitivo Negroni

Save the negroni making to Stanley Tucci (if that’s what he actually made, the jury is still out…) and enjoy a pre-batched bottled negroni from Primo Aperitivo. Just add orange and ice, stir (never shake FYI Stanley) and you’re good to go. A banging negroni with minimal effort – we like it.

£26.90 at Primo

Lyme Bay Rosé 2018

Remember the summer 2018 heatwave, as the country melted in the hot hot heat? You might not have liked it, but it turns out the UK’s Pinot Noir grapes were loving it. Ideal growing conditions that have led to this beautiful award-winning rosé from Lyme Bay.

£16.99 from Winebuyers

Renegade ‘Jock’ Rosé

Produced at London’s very own urban winery in the fields of Bethnal Green, this is a fresh little English rosé. Pale like the best from Provence, this is easy to drink and you’ll be supporting an independent London business at the same time. WIN WIN

£19 from Winebuyers

Hacha Mirror Margarita

Looking for something to impress your followers that requires ZERO effort on your behalf? Then the Mirror Margarita from Hacha is the one. It’s completely clear, looks like water but tastes like a margarita. The perfect drink for a long ass boring AF Zoom call – they will NEVER know.

£70 for two bottles from Hacha

Beavertown Nanobot IPA

Brand new from the Beavertown family comes the Nanobot ‘Super Sessioon’ IPA. It’s only 2.8% a can which means you can quaff more and get less drank, completely vegan and only 97 kcals if you like to count those kind of things. Tropical notes give it that holiday feel we’re all desperately seeking.

£1.90 a can from Beavertown

Pale Fox Prosecco

This light, pale prosecco with its apple, peach and floral notes, slips down a right treat on its own but it’s also a winner in a summer cocktail, pairing well with everything from Campari to tequila.

£25 from Pale Fox Prosecco