New year, new tier, new lockdown libations. When you’re shut in all the time there’s not much else to do except drink your way through it, but if you’re determined to start 2021 on health kick then we’re here for you too. Dry January doesn’t have to be boring, not when you’ve got all these low- and no-alcohol bevvies to choose from.


Produced in Scotland, Days Lager and Pale Ale is 100% beer with 0.0% alcohol – the brewing process doesn’t produce any alcohol at all, so none has to be burned off. Days also donates 2% of all sales (equivalent to the alcohol duty) to mental health initiatives so you’re doing good by drinking this.



Hard seltzer is basically boozy sparkling water, making it lower in calories, sugar and alcohol than other mixed drinks. At 44 cals a can and 3.5% ABV, Lilo is lighter than most other hard seltzers but still big on flavour with white grape & elderflower and cranberry & rosehip varieties.


Savyll Beverage Company

Being off the booze doesn’t mean you have to give up cocktails because the Savyll Beverage Company has a whole range of batched booze-free classics. From Moscow Mules to Bellinis to Mojitos, they’re vegan, free from artificial flavourings and ready to drink.


KEEPR’s Gin & Tonic Drink

Part of the British Honey Company, KEEPR’s produces a whole range of spirits (many infused with honey from their own bees) but they also do a ultra low-alc G&T for the non-drinkers. It contains 12 botanicals plus some of that honey so it’s got that classic G&T taste with <0.5% ABV.



Not only is Freestar a full-flavoured IPA-style alcohol-free beer, it’s produced in a way that uses 80% less energy and 80% less water, resulting in 70% less waste than other alcohol-free beers. And we do like a bevvy that’s good for the planet.



Created by drinks expert Carl Brown, Crossip is an alcohol-free base for cocktails that’s packed with botanicals rather than booze. And with three flavours – Dandy, Pure and Fresh – you can recreate the taste of everything from peaty whisky to Italian bitters to fruit punch.


JARR Kombucha

Kombucha, aka fermented tea, is packed with nutrients and low in sugar so it’s actually good for your gut. JARR uses organic tea and natural ingredients to brew its range, so the flavours definitely pack a punch. Drink them straight or use them as alternative mixer.


Champions Cider

Created by a team of former international rugby players who wanted a cider that fit into a healthy diet, Champions is zero-alcohol, has no added sugar and is only 50 cals a bottle. They even have a CBD infused one if you want an extra hit of wellness.


New London Light

Salcombe Gin certainly know their stuff when it comes to spirits and now they’ve got into the zero-alcohol game with New London Light. Made with a range of botanicals including juniper berries, ginger, cardamom, orange and lemongrass, it’s a great booze-free alternative to gin – mix it with tonic or shake it up into a virgin cocktail.



If you’re off the sauce or you’re trying to be more health conscious there’s always water (tbf we should all be knocking it back anyway). If that’s too boring for you, liven up your H20 with Waterdrop. The little cubes are made of pure plant and fruit extracts like baobab, goji berry and ginseng, so you just drop them in your water and drink up.


Beavertown Lazer Crush

Beavertown has used a new type of yeast to brew this 0.3% ABV IPA, so they could lose the alcohol but not the flavour. It’s hoppy, it’s fruity with mango, orange and grapefruit notes, and it’s 83 cals a can.


HonestBrew Fresh Start

HonestBrew has teamed up with Thornbridge for the 0.5% ABV Fresh Start. Made with US hops, it’s a crisp, citrusy and refreshing IPA that’s perfect for the new year.


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