We’re counting down the days till the parks are back resembling a scene from Glasto, and thankfully there’s not long left to go. Once lockdown is eased on 29th March and the sun begins to shine we will be packing our picnic hampers and flocking to the nearest greenery to enjoy a cheeky drink or two. Whether you’re a fan of wine, cocktails, beer or seltzers we’ve got something for everyone…

Bloody Drinks’ Bloody Mary

We predict there’s a high chance you’ll be suffering from some park related hangovers in the coming months but after being cooped up for as long as we have, the show must go on. And Bloody Drinks have come to the rescue with their canned Bloody Marys. You’ll find all the key ingredients such as vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, and Amontillado sherry. These cans will come in handy when you need some hair of the dog; just pair with a share bag of crisps and you’ll be raring to go for round two within no time. 


Signature Brew Beer Kegs

Can’t get a table in your local beer garden? This is the next best thing. East London brewery Signature Brew have created 5L kegs of their IPA and lager. These barrels are the perfect size for the park and mean you won’t lose hours stood queuing for takeaway pints either. Better still, Signature Brew have collabed with bands like Frank Turner and Enter Shikari, so they’ll be hiring musicians who have had their tours cancelled to help out on delivery. Don’t forget to ask for a selfie.


NIO Cocktails

Okay so technically these aren’t cans, but they are a good addition to your park picnic, especially because they come in a pack of six for your bubble. These letterbox style drinks come in 17 different flavours, including all the classics, like an Espresso Martini or Margarita, and some more interesting concoctions too. They are a bit like a grown-up pick ‘n’ mix, with the option to personalise your box and choose what cocktails you want included. Another added bonus is that they are packed in a slim pouch making them light weight so you can carry more in your bag – winner.  


Amfora Wine Cans

No doubt you’ve got plenty of lockdown celebrations and birthdays to make up for when you’re finally reunited with friends, so why not treat them to these luxe cans. Amfora source their wines from the west coast of the US and northern Italy AND they’ve got all types available – rose, white, red, frizzante and even a canned lambrusco. Not only do they taste good but their pretty packaging and sustainable focus means they are guaranteed to impress. Pair these with some high-end olives and you’ve transported the posh wine bar to the park. 


Whisp Seltzers

Seltzer seems to be the buzz word of 2021, with everyone bringing their own version out. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s canned alcoholic flavoured sparkling water. Whisp are vegan and gluten-free seltzers, with no additives and made entirely from sustainably sourced ingredients. They’re practically good for you. Flavours include cucumber & mint and raspberry & elderflower – refreshing for the summer heatwave (hopefully). 


Miami Cocktail Company

Everything is better with bubbles, which is why we are big fans of these drinks. Their products include a range of sparkling organic wine cocktails including margarita spritz, paloma spritz and sangria spritz. Some of the Miami Cocktails are made using agave wine, which is something we are not so familiar with but were surprisingly impressed by. Their bright packaging means they are perfect for your park fiesta, just don’t forget the tortillas chips and dip. 


Defy Wine

These cans do exactly what they say on the tin (literally), providing a straight-up good quality white wine in a can. Defy is ran by a small UK based team who love wine but want to cut the pretentious words and make it accessible to the masses. Their wine ticks all the boxes of being vegan friendly, organic and soil certified too. There’s only one type of wine available, but boy is it a good’un.


Sipful Cocktails

If there’s one thing we’ve missed, it’s bottomless brunches. And so we recommend trying a makeshift one in the park with these Sipful cocktails. Their range includes canned organic bubbles, blood orange mimosas and peach bellinis, aka the perfect midday tipples. Just pair with a bacon butty from the local cafe and you’re good to go. Sign up for their ‘sipscriptions’ to get cocktails delivered every month – we’d hate to see you get caught short on a scorcher. 


MOTH Drinks

Moth, which stands for a mix of total happiness, are a range of pocket-sized cans that pack a punch. There are four different flavours available – Old Fashioned, Tommy’s Margarita, Negroni and Espresso Martini, which all taste great and come with an impressive ABV. We’d recommend getting a can of their Espresso Martini for an afternoon park pick me up. Better still, you can pop these cans in your Waitrose basket when picking up your picnic essentials. 


Drop Wine App

Drop, a new nifty wine app, has launched a new park delivery service meaning you can order artisan wine to be dropped off at any London park or garden within an hour. Yes, it seems dreams can come true. This means no more stressful picnic prepping, no more lugging bottle across the city AND no more warm wines. These guys can also deliver crushed ice, corkscrews and nibbles to accompany your wine delivery. And if you’re not in London, they do next day delivery too.


People’s Captain Beer

Founded by professional rugby player, Greg Bateman, People’s Captain is changing the game when it comes to craft beer. Greg wants to bring people together over a great selection of craft brews, encouraging us to engage in conversation and seek help when it comes to mental health. The core range features five full-flavoured sessional beers, with the tropical Islander being our fave to sip on when the sun comes out. These really are the perfect tinnies to take with you on the next park sesh – AND for every brew you buy, they’ll pour funds into their charity foundation.


Long Shot

Long Shot hard seltzers are made in Herefordshire and they make a real effort to use local ingredients in their cans. There are three flavours – strawberry & rhubarb, grapefruit, and raspberry & blackcurrant – and they’re all made with natural fruit juice, under 70 cals, vegan and gluten-free. You can drink these straight up but they make great mixers if you fancy turning your park picnic into a cocktail making sesh.