Our kitchen has never seen so much action – it’s been non-stop cutting, cooking and washing up. SO MUCH WASHING UP. If, like us, you want a break from slaving over a hot stove, need a new salad dish for the summer or want your social pics to look as good as they did in a restaurant, here are the essentials we’ve been buying. We can now confidently say we have a fully equipped kitchen….

The Instant Pot

Trust us this will make your life so much easier – no more messing the rice up or watching a pan on the boil. You literally chuck in the ingredient, hit the programme and the Instant Pot does the rest. We’ve even made chicken stock from our leftover roast bones in 30 minutes…life as we know it has evolved.

The Serving Bowl

We’re all about making massive salads, bowls of pesto rice and fries now summer has hit but that means you need serving bowls that are big enough AND look the part. We love the ones from Rechic, which are made from recycled plastic bottles. Each one tells you how many bottles went into that bowl.

From £5

The Plates

Even if our cooking fails these plates help to make it at least look more presentable. English brand Denby has been making plates in the UK for over 200 years. They are super durable too, which definitely helps when it comes to the washing up.

From £7

The Chopping Board

Were you even in lockdown if you don’t have a picture of some ingredients on a picture-worthy chopping board? We think not. These wood and marble ones are the best ones we have seen yet. A beautiful addition to any kitchen. Just add cheese.

From £30

Hand Soap

We’re washing our hands more than ever so we decided to ditch the Dettol wash and go posh with Aesop Resurrection Aromatique hand balm. It’s not cheap but it smells delicious and it’ll keep your hands super smooth. Worth a treat.


The Toaster

Easter broke our toaster, we kid you not. Hot cross buns got stuck in there and well, you know the rest. BUT then we found the Bottega 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster which is wide enough to fit bagels, scones and hot cross buns. HALLELUJAH.


The Griddle Pan

This super light Green Pan grill pan is made using up-cycled stainless steel and aluminium where possible. It has a patent Thermalon coating reinforced with diamonds which means it can be used on a low heat – saving energy. It also uses less butter and oil for frying too. A true all rounder. Only it’s square.