A tea, whether a brew or an iced tea, … can be a pretty powerful thing. Lipton is using its power to create that connection by partnering up with Peace One Day, to light up landmarks throughout London Town to mark International Day of Peace (Monday 21 September).

St Paul’s, London Bridge by The Shard, King’s Cross station, the Clock Tower in Clapham and Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton hosted special projections conveying a message to encourage us all to connect and Make Tea Time Peace Time. But this wasn’t just London – installations came to life worldwide, spanning eight time zones, with Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Mexico, Brazil and Guatemala all involved in highlighting this global call to action.

2020 has seen many of us communicate through different means as we have been forced into separation and social distancing. Lipton is encouraging us all to connect more with just 15 minutes of quality time per day helping to bring us closer and feel happier and ultimately healthy in our mental state.

Radio presenter and host Roman Kemp, who supported the unveiling of the light installation at King’s Cross St Pancras said: I’m very excited to be working with Lipton and Peace One Day on such an important message for International Day of Peace. This year more than ever, finding moments to connect with the people in our lives and make peace no matter how big or small is so important. I truly hope the installations all around the world encourage people to find moments in their day to make tea time peace time

With 311.5 million Lipton teas on average consumed everyday, those moments to unite with others and make time for peace feels like they are already there. We’d like to think that something as simple as connecting with people through a tea can translate globally and push us all to be better people, better role models, communicators and bring solidarity amongst us all in a quest for peace.